Nomadic Crew Love: Joshua Mackey

Meet Joshua Mackey

Nomadic Coffee Co-Owner and Creative Director

Designer / Doggie Lover / Photographer / Oakland Strong

Living: Oakland, CA

What inspires you?:  Being in and around nature. The organic being of the forest, the mountains or the ocean brings me back to life every single time!  These days my favorite thing is to try and capture what I can with my camera...

Favorite kind of day: Discovering someplace new...

Favorite Nomadic Coffee: My favorite is our blend Tioga Pass! Perfect harmonious blend of ORGANIC ETHIOPIA & BRAZIL & GUATEMALA

@ Nomadic: Nomadic is a beloved and iconic brand but also a brand that we as owners wanted to evolve. We wanted to retain the core element of Nomadic marrying coffee and the arts while sharpening the look. Founder and Co-owner Thomas Landry did a great job building out the purpose and intent of Nomadic so I've been lucky that there's been a strong concept to draw on. My goal from the start was to build a sturdier platform re-thinking the physical specimen of the bag, and the corresponding website and social media outlets. Now we have a foundation to move forward with poetry, photography, and interviews. The whole team at Nomadic is so excited. Its almost embarrassing to say but we feel giddy,  like we are on a great adventure that is just starting. Plus we have no boss!



Instagram: @JMGCAKE

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