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Virginia Barrett


As a poet, I possess varied voices—from a social narrative vein to more mystical modes of expression, especially when exploring the natural world. As a first-year MFA Writing graduate student at the University of San Francisco, my plans for study encompass my diversity as a poet and my development as a teacher and advocate of poetry as essential to humanity. I have returned to academic studies after over a decade in the educational field, primarily as a teaching artist in schools. By entering the MFA program, I have immersed myself wholly in my own writing, strengthening my skills and nurturing my talents so as to better serve the literary community and society as a whole. 

My own books include I Just Wear My Wings—collected poems of an aspiring mystic (Jambu Press, 2013) and Singing My Naked Lines—North Beach poems (PoetSong Press, 2013).  I Just Wear My Wings is distributed by Small Press Distribution and contains the following blurb: "Virginia Barrett has compiled two decades of collected work and introductory essays into a remarkable, unique journey through poems that also serves as an instructional primer for authentic creative writing—it will delight all audiences. Never before has a poet so carefully and successfully balanced personal memoir, spiritual encouragement, and observational epiphany into a single, indispensable poetry collection. Her robust good-heartedness embraces the world in sacred ecstasy, as though Walt Whitman, Robert Bly, Mirabai, and Emily Dickinson are gathered around a campfire next to a healing river in a spontaneous jam session of beautiful verse."

I have edited two anthologies of contemporary San Francisco poets, Feather Floating on the Water—poems for our children and OCCUPY SF—poems from the movement (with Bobby Coleman). In addition, I was the co-founder of the annual We Are All Poets youth poetry and civics program in collaboration with the San Francisco Main Library. I hold a degree in teaching art from Rhode Island School of Design.

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