Streamline Coffee & Kitchen

I went to Nomadic when Streamline was still just an idea and they gave me support all through a two-year gutting and build out. As I took the place down to the studs Nomadic was helping with our choice of machines and the design of our counter space.


After a two-year start-up and buildout process, Nomadic hung in there with us keeping the embers alive. I remember the great day when they installed and calibrated the machines.

When we finally hired staff Nomadic provided expert barista training.  They also created a special signature Streamline Blend that our customers LOVE.  
I also love the fact that Nomadic supports the arts by funding poets whose poems are distributed in the coffee bags. Nomadic really has gone above and beyond. I prize our relationship and love that they have high-quality beans with a commitment to organics and social responsibility.
- Brent, Streamline Coffee & Kitchen, San Francisco

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