Nomadic Press and Nomadic Coffee are excited to announce their poetry collaboration. Out of a desire to follow love and passion for change, Nomadic Coffee has always featured poetry in each bag of coffee since it began in 2012. Through publications, events, and active community participation, Nomadic Press collectively weaves together platforms for intentionally marginalized voices to take their rightful place within the world of the written and spoken word. Over the last year, Thomas Landry of Nomadic Coffee and J. K. Fowler of Nomadic Press have been meeting over beers, books, and coffee, dreaming of what a collaboration might look like between their organizations. There’s been lots of laughter and much joy. We hope that this is evident in the work that we will publish. With a joint focus on building additional platforms for poets, together we are going to continue to expand the visibility of poetry in unique and creative ways. We will leverage our varied distribution networks—bookstores, grocery stores, libraries, and cafes—to expand the readership of poetry. We are committed to continue publishing intentionally marginalized POC/LGBTQIA+ voices. We are excited to be working together, and it portends to deepen community partnerships across the worlds of coffee and publishing. Join us our journey one cup, poem, event, or book at a time.

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Ellery Akers, Francisco X. Alarcón, Adrian Arias, Micah Ballard, Virginia Barrett, Neeli Cherkovski, Bobby Coleman, Elana Dykewomon, Matt Gonzalez, Juan Felipe Herrera, Katie Heim, Brenda Hillman, Clara Hsu, Peter Kline, Devorah Major, Alejandro Murguía, Denise Newman, D.A. Powell, Ayo Khensu-Ra, Brynn Saito, Tanya Sarmina, A.D. Winans, Emily Wolahan, Adrienne Wolfert.

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