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Nomadic Ground poetry...

is an organic and fair trade coffee company that puts a poem in every heidelberg-letterpressed bag. The back of the poem is ink-stamped with the NG logo. The poems are then folded and put in the coffee. Beans leave an antique patina and customers put the collectable poems on their fridge. Well known contemporary poets - below is a partial list of poets in the coffee - have written poems for Nomadic Ground, emerging talented poets have sent poems, dangerous and scary poets have contributed, and out-of-copyright freaky poets of yore have graced the beans.

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Nomadic Ground Featured Poets

Ellery Akers, Francisco X. Alarcón, Adrian Arias, Micah Ballard, Virginia Barrett, Neeli Cherkovski, Bobby Coleman, Elana Dykewomon, Matt Gonzalez, Juan Felipe Herrera, Katie Heim, Brenda Hillman, Clara Hsu, Peter Kline, Devorah Major, Alejandro Murguía, Denise Newman, D.A. Powell, Ayo Khensu-Ra, Brynn Saito, Tanya Sarmina, A.D. Winans, Emily Wolahan, Adrienne Wolfert.

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