Hours: 6-8 per week (Tues)
Supervisor: Production Manager

● Bag and label roasted beans using Nomadic, CCOF, and Health Dept standards
● Follow facility and equipment use procedures set by CoRo
● Maintain careful attention to accuracy of weights, labels, and roast dates
● Maintain careful attention to accuracy of order fulfillment
● Demonstrate proper use of coffee grinder, weigh & fill machine, and bag sealer
● Maintain clean work environment, surfaces, tools, and equipment
● Assist team with cleaning and organization of work areas after completion of production
● Perform repetitive tasks with consistency and precision
● Ability to stay focused in loud and sometimes distracting environment
● Ability to work well with small team
● Possibility for additional hours making deliveries (driver’s license and clean driving record required)

● Arrive within 15 minutes of scheduled shift – hands washed and ready to work
● Break 10-15 minute every 4 hours (on the clock) • Lunch 30 minute minimum (clock out)

● When working with roasted beans: Hair must be covered, gloves worn, no jewelry, no colognes, perfumes, or strong scents. Masks and earplugs are available
● Must wear sturdy closed-toed shoes - appropriate for standing on concrete floor
throughout shift

● Alcohol and/or drug use is not permitted before or during a shift with the exception of medications

● Nomadic Coffee supports and encourages open dialog and respect for all members of the Nomadic and CoRo teams. Harassment or disrespect of any type will not be tolerated. Any issues that arise should be brought to a supervisor or owner of Nomadic and can be discussed in complete confidence as needed.