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Raymond Wane Hailes

Brand Consultant / Co-founder of NYC based running crew Resident Runner Under Armour Brand Athlete


Born and Raised: Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and raised I Dallas, Texas. I’ve always been intrigued but by human connection and what brings them together. After passing on scholarships to run track out of high school, I decided to attend Columbia College of the Arts & Science in Chicago to studio music business/brand marketing. 

I soon realized that making that choice was the best thing for me.  After moving to  New York City after college i later managed music producers, became an art dealer, started brand consulting for multiple companies and became a brand ambassador for Under Armour along with my 2 other buddies I started Resident Runners with. 

Living:  Brooklyn, New York

What inspires you?: Friends. Great conversations with good people. Music, running, elements (air, water, earth, light, and wind)  and youth. Anytime I can learn something new I’m inspired. 

Favorite Gear to travel with: A notebook and a pen 

Favorite Travel Destination: Anywhere I am at at that moment. I think being present is the most important part of life.  

Elements for growth: Consistency, Love, life, and the pursuit of happiness. Listen and learn. To quote Denzel Washington, “Without commitment, you’ll never start. But more importantly, without consistency, you’ll never finish. Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship. Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship, so keep moving, keep growing, keep learning."

Dream Destination: It only happens when I sleep. Haha

Couldn’t live without: Understanding that life is all about being present and understanding that we are only here for a brief moment. 

Favorite Kind of Day: Any day I’m present and anytime I’m surrounded by good friends.  

Nomadic Coffee Favorite: I would have to say Lone Pine. It resonates with me. It creates a perfect solo moment. It reminded you that things are pretty simple.



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