Jeff Cagle - Food Photographer

Jeff Cagle - Food photographer and social media marketer by day, co-founder of 28 West Creative and lifestyle photographer in my spare time.

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Born and Raised:
I was born in St. Louis, Mo., moved to Michigan for a bit, back to St. Louis for a year, then my family settled in Chicagoland when I was 13. I’ve been here ever since and consider it home.

Wheaton, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. For now.

What Inspires You?:
Great food, a well-made beer, a hard bike ride, and creative people. But most importantly my partner, Amanda, who keeps me on my toes every day—as my parents accurately predicted she would do when I described her after the first time I met her.

Favorite Gear To Travel With:  
I rarely leave home without my Ricoh GR II. Having worked as a photojournalist for a number of years, carrying a pocket rocket camera the size of a cell phone makes it much easier to blend into a situation rather than sticking out like a sore thumb with a pair of DSLRs hanging off my shoulders. I still travel with at least one of those, though ;)

Favorite Travel Destination:
Either plopping down in the woods after snowboarding out of bounds into the back country to sit and listen to the wind between the trees and silence, or anywhere in Sonoma County, California. Not many other places have felt as much like home.

Elements For Growth:
Learning, creating, and self-improvement

Dream Destination:

Iceland on a clear night during the prime season for watching the Northern Lights

Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?:
Zelda. As a wise man once said: “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die.”

Couldn’t Live With Out:
A camera to capture life, a bike to escape it on

Favorite Kind of Day:
Out in the sun exploring an epic route on my bicycle, snapping photos along the way and earning a nice cold beer at the end of the ride.

Nomadic Coffee Favorite:
Interstate 5. It gets the day started and makes me want to go exploring.

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