Josh Mackey - Chief Creative Director

Joshua Adams Mackey

 - Nomadic Coffee - Co-Owner and Creative Director

Designer / Doggie Lover / Photographer / Oakland Strong 💪

Follow:  IG: @JMGCAKE 

Born and Raised: My origins began in Orlando, Florida. My early years were influenced by the creative artwork and magic of Disney World and Magic Kingdom. I’ve always approached life my with a sense of wonder and amazement. Later on my family and I moved to Dallas, Texas. This is where I spent most of my teenage years growing up playing sports and learning how to be a team player. After highschool I attend college at Columbia College Chicago where I studied marketing and later discovered design. Chicago became my proving grounds for my career and how I learned that I wanted to design for a living. 

Living: Oakland, CA

What inspires you?:  Being in and around nature. The organic being of the forest, the mountains or the ocean brings me back to life every single time!  These days I try my best to capture what I can with my camera 

Favorite Gear to travel with:  My Sony A7 II, DJI Magic Drone, Cash - my dog! 

Favorite Travel Destination: Anyplace with my wife! She is the ultimate travel companion.

Elements for growth: Love, Creating new concepts, Family,  Discovering new places,

Dream Destination: I love the feeling of being somewhere “else”… undiscovered locations are the best. I would to explore the Amazon!

Who would win a fight between Spiderman and Batman?: BATMAN!!!

Couldn’t live without: MY Family: Liza, Cash, and June!

Favorite Kind of Day: Discovering someplace new 

Nomadic Coffee Favorite: My favorite is our blend Tioga Pass! Perfect harmonious blend of ORGANIC ETHIOPIA & BRAZIL & GUATEMALA 




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