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The Perfect Cup — Organic Iced Coffee

by Nomadic Coffee on

Organic Iced Coffee — Quick, Easy, Delicious Organic Recipe  Let’s face it… Its getting SUPER HOT outside! During our recent trip to Palm Springs, Ca temperatures reached the...

Jess Sørensen - Humanitarian Photographer

by Nomadic Ground Coffee Roasters on

Jess Sørensen Conservation & Humanitarian Photographer Animal lover, climber, diver, adrenaline junkie at heart  Follow: IG:  @jesssorensen     /    jesssorensenphotography.com Born and Raised: I'm a tossup between...

Steve Babuljak - Photographer

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Born and Raised: Born in Miami, FL raised in Oakland, CA Follow: @babuljak   Visit: babuljak.com Living: Advertising and Editorial Photographer What inspires you?: People Favorite Gear to travel...

Ben Christie - Designer / Storyteller

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Ben Christie Midwestern boy with a California sunburn ☀️✌🏻️🍔 Adventure -> Travel -> Family -> Design Follow:  IG: @_BENCHRISTIE_  Born and Raised: I was born in Marion Ohio but...

Josh Mackey - Chief Creative Director

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Joshua Adams Mackey  - Nomadic Coffee - Co-Owner and Creative Director Designer / Doggie Lover / Photographer / Oakland Strong 💪 Follow:  IG: @JMGCAKE  Born and Raised: My origins...

NMDC B-Roll Series #0001 - Golden Gate Bridge at Dawn

by Joshua Mackey on

Nomadic B-Roll Series #0001