Organic Sumatra

Medium-Dark Roast


Tasting Notes   Earthy / Almonds / Berries / Milk Chocolate

Producer Arisarina Cooperative
Origin Sumatra

Takengon / Aceh Province

Growing Altitude 1200–1500 masl
Processing Wet Hulled - Semi-Washed
Harvest June - December
Variety Catimor, Typica, Timtim
Certifications Organic & Fair Trade
About The Bean

ARISARINA COOPERATIVE is a coffee producing coop, established in 2013 located at the highlands of Gayo, Aceh Province of Indonesia. The membership has reached 2000 Gayo coffee farmers. The coop has a common goal to improve the quality of coffee that is grown by the community in Gayo highlands as well as to maintain and preserve the ecosystem as a place to continue to grow the highest quality coffee beans.

Out of the thousands of islands that shape the Indonesian archipelago, only a few have the right conditions to grow coffee, and one of them is Sumatra. One particular feature of Sumatra coffee is the processing, which has a direct impact on the characteristics of the bean. Most of these coffees undergo what is called a semi-washed process or Giling Basah in Bahasa Indonesia language. Another common term in the Sumatran preparation is Double Picking (DP, also TP for Triple Picking) which means that beans are hand-picked two or three times for defects so as to obtain the best exportable product.